Donators that signed up during the 60-years jubilee

Below are friends of Marius that gave donations to the Marius Stakelborough Foundation during the celebration at Le Select and got the DVD ”The Swedish Heritage”.


Jim Andersson Pittsburg   Dantes Magras Saint-Barthélemy
Kino Bachellier Sag Harbor   Olivette Magras Saint-Barthélemy
Birgitta Bergqvist Gagnef   Arlette Magras/Patrigeon Saint-Barthélemy
Roland Blanchard Saint-Barthélemy   Lawrence M O'Donnell Chester Springs
Klarion Brumant Saint-Barthélemy   Susan O'Donnell Saint-Barthélemy
Jeff Gardner Kalamazoo   Tom Pitmon Miami Beach
Yves Greaux Saint-Barthélemy   Agnés  Rose Saint-Barthélemy
Edmund Gudenas Middle Bass   Christopher Snow Provincetown
Irene Laplace Saint-Barthélemy   Toni Weitkamp Louisville
Bertil Larsson Trelleborg   Loyd Younger Ottawa

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